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Sun Salve


SUN Salve, Herbal Sunscreen SPF 27


This sun salve soothes and heals the skin.


    • excellent for face and body

    • all natural ingredients: comfrey leaf,

      African shea butter, jojoba oil

    • contains lemon grass oil, a mild

      insect repellent

    • avoid contact with the eyes


CONTAINS: Olive oil, beeswax, organic comfrey leaf oil, African shea butter, jojoba oil, active sunscreen ingredients (5% zinc oxide and 5% Avobenzone), cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, and pure essential oils of lemongrass and lavender oil.


DIRECTIONS: For application to the face, lips, ears and all other sun sensitive areas of the body. Apply salve by rubbing thoroughly into the skin as often as needed. A little goes a long way.


Item No. 006BT        .50 oz         Tin                          $3.10

Item No. 006BP        .50 oz         Plastic                    $3.10

Item No. 006AP        .50 oz         Plastic Tube          $4.95

Item No. 006CT        1.75 oz       Tin                          $7.50

Item No. 006CP        1.75 oz       Plastic                    $7.50


Cozy & Super PackRoller Pack









All of our fine herbal salves (Arnica Salve, Calendula Salve, Sun Salve, Super Salve) in conveniently sized variety packs.


    Cozy Pack — (4) .5 oz tins

    Super Pack — (4) 1.75 oz tins

    Roller Pack — (4) .5 oz plastic tubes


DIRECTIONS: See individual salves.




Item No. 015J                   Cozy Pack                          $ 8.95

Item No. 015G                  Super Pack                         $21.95 

Item No. 015RK                Roller Pack                         $12.95


CALENDULA Salve, Beauty Enhancing

(Calendula officinale, common name “Marigold”) In ancient times, Calendula was used for beautifying purposes and especially for toning the skin. Today, cosmetic experts praise calendula for its rejuvenating and healing effects on injured and damaged skin.


    • excellent for sensitive skin

    • for face & body

    • sunburn & windburns

    • scars & wrinkle treatment

    • protects skin from dehydration

    • antioxidant, fights free radicals


CONTAINS: Olive oil; organic calendula flowers; beeswax; African shea butter; cocoa butter; mango butter; sweet almond oil; jojoba oil; neem oil; vitamin E oil; and pure essential oils of sweet orange, lemon, and tangerine.


DIRECTIONS: Apply liberally as often as needed.


Item No. 004BT        .50 oz         Tin                          $ 3.10

Item No. 004BP        .50 oz         Plastic                    $ 3.10

Item No. 004AP        .50 oz         Plastic Tube          $ 4.95

Item No. 004CT       1.75 oz        Tin                         $ 7.50

Item No. 004CP       1.75 oz        Plastic                $ 7.50

Item No. 004DT        4.0 oz         Tin                         $12.00

Item No. 004EP        6.0 oz         Plastic                 $17.00

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