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Arnica Muscle Easing SalveARNICA Salve, Muscle Easing

On Sale!


Arnica cordifolia ~ common name “Leopard’s Bane." This salve works fast and effectively on muscle aches, joints and tension. It also helps heal sprains, bruising and swelling. Rubbed on temples and back of neck for headaches, this salve will stimulate circulation and healing.


• excellent for body builders

• not recommended for use during

  pregnancy or on open wounds

• external use only

• keep away from children


CONTAINS: Olive oil; organic arnica flowers; sweet almond oil; beeswax, cocoa butter; African shea butter; vitamin E oil; and pure essential oils of wintergreen, camphor, ginger, clove, cayenne, and a variety of mints and sages.


DIRECTIONS: Apply to effected areas as often as needed.


CAUTION: EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Do not use on open wounds, rashes or sensitive skin. Keep away from children.


Item No. 005BT        .50 oz         Tin                        $  3.50

Item No. 005BP       .50 oz          Plastic                  $  3.50

Item No. 005AP       .50 oz          Plastic Tube         $  4.95

Item No. 005CT       1.75 oz        Tin                        $  7.50

Item No. 005CP       1.75 oz        Plastic                  $  7.50

Item No. 005DT        4.0 oz         Tin                        $12.00

Item No. 005EPS      6.0 oz         Plastic                  $15.00


SUPER SalveSuper Salve, All Purpose


Super Salve is an antioxidant salve for the soothing and healing relief of dry and cracked skin, chapped lips, abrasions, eczema, and insect bites. Fights free radicals. A potent medicinal herbal salve created for the harsh environment of the desert southwest. Originated for Grand Canyon river runners and hikers.


   • Chaparral Leaf - slows down the rate of bacterial growth and kills the bacteria with anti-microbial activity. Great in the first aid kit for skin abrasions and injuries.


   • Echinacea Flower - has caffeic acidglycoside, which reacts with other substances in the body's cells. This facilitates the wound healing process. Excellent for drawing out poisons such as ant bites, bee stings, jellyfish stings, and many more.


   • Hops Flower - A very powerful herb for decreasing painful swelling and inflamed pneumatic pain. Contains two antibiotic substances: humulon and lupulon, both effective on staph and other skin bacteria.


   • Usnea Moss - Usnea, with its usnic acid and other compounds is useful for burns and athletes foot.


CONTAINS: Olive oil; organic chaparral leaf; comfrey leaf; echinacea flower; hops flower; usnea moss; beeswax; cocoa butter; sweet almond oil; vitamin E oil; and pure essential oils of lemon, lemon grass, lavender, tea tree, and cajaput.


DIRECTIONS: Apply liberally and as often as needed.


Item No. 003BT          .50 oz        Tin                         $  3.50

Item No. 003BP         .50 oz         Plastic                  $  3.50

Item No. 003AP         .50 oz         Plastic Tube         $  4.95

Item No. 003CT         1.75 oz       Tin                        $  7.50

Item No. 003CP        1.75 oz        Plastic                  $  7.50

Item No. 003DT         4.0 oz         Tin                        $12.00

Item No. 003EP         6.0 oz         Plastic                   $17.00


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